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Hello World!

The Power of a Positive Personality

Larry is the Owner of  I would like to tell you his story.

When Larry was six years old and six weeks into the first grade, he had a bicycle/car accident.   The car was not hurt but the driver was pretty shaken up.  Larry was airlifted from the accident to a trauma hospital.  About 6 hours after arrival he was taken into surgery to remove the right temporal lobe of his brain so that there would be room for the swelling brain and the bleeding.  He was in a coma for 28 days.   

Prior to the accident Larry had been doing 5th grade reading and math.  After the accident he was a very large “newborn”.  He did not know any of the family, he did not talk, he was partially paralyzed, and he had been on a ventilator for almost a month.  He was very slow to respond to people.  The medical staff working with him told us that he probably would talk again but, don’t expect him to walk.  If he goes back to school it will be in a handicapped program.  At best he will sit up with propping.  He will probably not function as an adult.

Larry learned to crawl and then walk with the aid of a brace.  He had a couple of surgeries over the years to help him drop his foot to properly walk.  He is well over six-feet tall and his Achilles tendon needed to stretch.  He was in school at Fletcher Miller School for handicapped children before the end of the school year and back in regular elementary classes, with lots of help, for second grade.  He graduated from high school and went to Northeastern Junior College and Community College of Denver.  He has worked more than 20 years for Elitches Amusement park and holds a second job as a cashier with Dollar Tree.  He and, his younger brother who also has limited skills, share an apartment and have learned how to share the duties of living “on your own”. Larry takes care of cooking, transportation, and all of the scheduling and budgeting.  Darin takes care of the heavy work.  Both can get just about anywhere on the RTD system.  Larry is still developing new skills.   At the age of 44 he got his driver’s license and he owns his own car.  He is one of the safest drivers I know. Anyone who knows Larry can see and feel his zest for life and his desire to continue to learn.

Larry often steps out into activities just out of his comfort zone, and usually he ends up being the victor.  He has a lot of drive and sets his own goals.  For many years he wanted his own business but he was not sure what it would be.  Some of his ideas were great but he did not have the skills or the funding to take those projects on.  This time he has found a great idea.  Think, BeePositive was developed to share Larry’s vision of a positive attitude at all times.  Work hard, smile; love your job and those who help you.  Love your customers and always go the extra mile to provide good service.

We appreciate your visit to the website and hope you find some inspiration through the stories and articles on the power of positive energy.  Larry has picked a large list of products that we feel will brighten your day.  We have a limited selection of products now.  Come back often as we will be adding new items as funding allows.  Thank you for your time