Pictures sent in by friends, staff, and partners

This page will be all about show and tell. As we grow we will add pictures to depict the chronological changes in the company that are available for public viewing. If you take a picture of us (LBP) that you would like to submit, please send it to Please remember if there are people, especially children, not employed by LBP must have a signed waiver giving permission to post the picture and stating whether or not names can be attached to the caption.

Our owner, Larry Justus
She loves “Sammie” the Bee. He is so laid back!
Toby Rice, our first Partner, owner of MuckSuck Pure Carpet Cleaning System and owner and driver of #1 MuckSuck Stock Car in the Hobby Stock car division.
My cousin Larry designed this awesome concept that is designed to help spread positivity in the world. I have this mug on my workstation to remind me to Bee positive. I think you’ll like some of his concepts, too!! Get yours at
He got a shirt and then immediately got one for her. Don’t they look great?
1 MuckSuck Malibu Hobby Stock Car. LBP is an official sponsor.
MuckSuck Pure Carpet Cleaning & Restoration is at Colorado, USA.
stoSnAM1 4mA: tg1 ipr l1a687ia2c5t  · Denver, CO  ·
MuckSuck is proud to announce as new sponsorship partner of the #1 MuckSuck Malibu! We can’t thank you enough. Go Check Them Out And Get Some Positive Merchandise Like This Hat @bubba_bro
Darin Justus, Fulfillment Specialist
4/23/2022 El Paso County Raceway. This is our first setup and manned vendor booth.
Now here is a guy who knows how to dress for work. Good luck with your new company. Let us know when you are ready to become a partner.
Christina and Family

Chris and family ready to party with you on TikTok.