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Carpet Cleaning

At MuckSuck we remain on the cutting edge of industry technology and information and strive to pass that knowledge on to our customers. We’ve provided non-biased (industry driven) information to help you make educated decisions regarding your flooring.

MuckSuck was derived from two individuals with extensive service based backgrounds of more than 45 years. One of these men was an alumnus of CU Denver Business School with an extensive background in managerial and service oriented industries. This is why MuckSuck sought to become an IICRC (Clean Trust) Certified firm skilled in meeting the needs of our customers. In July 2017 MuckSuck was purchased, rebranded and renamed “MuckSuck Pure Carpet Cleaning & Restoration” by Toby & Jenny Rice. Toby & Jenny have over 13 years of experience in the carpet cleaning industry and many more years than that in customer service. Toby, the current owner/operator, is IICRC certified and has been for a number of years. Toby also has a unique understanding of the science behind water which brought a level of water filtration that surpasses standard filtering methods thus creating “The Purest Water On The Planet.” We do this by removing all the impurities from the water that can effect the cleaning process and by doing so gives us the ability to clean and rinse your surfaces to their fullest potential. At MuckSuck “We Clean The Water Before We Use It To Clean The Surfaces In Your Home.” 

MuckSuck is a family run business and as such this business is very personal to us so please join the MuckSuck family today and “Get The MuckOut.”

Without you, we would not exist!

How may we serve?

Best regards,
The Mucksuck Team


Colorado’s Best Cleaning Services provides housekeeping services at a reasonable price. They arrive on time, they rapidly assess what you want done and then they get to work in a matter of a couple of hours your floors will shine, your bathrooms and kitchen is clean and fresh and the dusting is done. You will love the feeling of totally clean and fresh air smelling that happened while you take care of other matters.

It is hard for me to get down and clean those areas that have required the skill of kneeling and getting down and back up. I can handle my other jobs, like updating the website or looking for fresh marketing opportunities, while they clean. When you are ready for parties, social get togethers or just want things clean for your family, give them a try.

M. J. Evans

M J Evans is a favorite author of mine. I worked closely with her to market Behind the Mist, a wonderful adventure for any teenager interested in reading about horses, unicorns and adventure. That was the first of the “Mist Trilogy”. A brave teen. A unicorn-in-training. A once-in-an-afterlife chance to save the world. Nick and his horse Jazz are best friends forever.

Check out her other books written for teenagers looking for adventure. Learn more about the love and loyalty of a horse who knows he is unconditionally loved.

M J Evans writes several different kinds of books. She is an avid horseback rider and loves to take short vacations with her friends and fellow horse owners. She has written several books about trails and destinations in the Colorado Rockies. Those books are loaded with maps, pictures and wonderful descriptions of rides she has taken.

You don’t have to own a horse to enjoy her trail ride books. All you need is the ability to visualize the pictures she paints. You can almost smell dinner cooking over the fire at the end of a days journey.

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Author Tiffany Thomas

May I introduce you to Tiffany Thomas. Tiffany is a mother of three beautiful children. She home-schools, and she and her husband run a blog called Saving Talents,

She is also an author. She has written several children’s books that illustrate and teach Bible and Book of Mormon stories and parables. She also writes “Variations on Pride and Prejudiced”.

I never heard about the “Variations on Pride and Prejudice” movement which is pretty large. The author takes a character from the original book and creates a twist in that character’s backstory. Then she retells the story and it ofttimes changes the outcome. In some instances Miss Bennett never even meets Mr. Darcy.

Most notable, Tiffany has Crohn’s Disease. Crohn’s is a debilitating autoimmune disease that attacks the digestive system. She writes about it in her blog. Tiffany is one of the most amazing women that I have ever known. She is constantly looking at the positive side of life. By doing that, she and her husband, Phillip, have carved out some wonderful ideas to help anyone who is willing to take the time to save some money, time, and energy. Please check out her Website,, and Blog,

Jane Doe